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For Release 11:00am PST

Dec 12, 2017

Teagosa Launches Coffee Blended with Tea.

Coffee Blended with Tea! What?!

Vancouver - Dec 12, 2017 -  At 11am PTS, Teagosa launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote the latest revolution in coffee and tea consumption. The Canadian company has created blends combining both coffee and tea together. The partners will be showcasing their original 'Coffee & Sencha Tea,' along with their new 'Coffee & Jasmine Tea' and 'Coffee & English Breakfast Tea' blends. Members of the public will now have access to the new releases. "We have challenged the societal norms of coffee and tea consumption. The two ingredients have been traditionally separate for thousands of year...Teagosa is changing that."- Bernadette Beck, Co-founder of Teagosa.

Positive Customer Impact

Customers across Canada have been thrilled with Teagosa! These individuals are traditional coffee drinkers, who want to explore new flavours and health benefits by consuming a coffee-tea blend. "As much as I love a standard cup of coffee, sometimes you want something a little different that tastes good and is even healthy! Teagosa brings these to the table and I must say...they do not disappoint. A well-earned five stars."- Jonathan Piechnik. "I've loved Teagosa blend from the get go. The concept, the presentation, the smell, the taste! And later, the health benefits. We all know Green Tea does wonders for the body, but I also love drinking coffee. Teagosa is the best of both worlds. Healthy, refreshing and invigorating. Thanks guys." Alex J. Campbell.



Teagosa's original 'Coffee & Sencha Tea'' blend is available in 37 retail locations across Western Canada. Locate a retailer near you at New blends will be available in certain retail locations in February of 2018. Meanwhile you can order through Teagosa's Kickstarter Campaign. If you're in Vancouver on Jan 13th-14th, 2018 you can win free tickets to the Gluten-Free Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Meet the founders of Teagosa, taste-test the blends, and sample hundreds of other food/beverage brands. 


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